Why Sheepdog?

The term “Sheepdog” has come to be associated with those people who seek to be survivors and to protect others.  It is a very good metaphor that is usually used when referring to military and law enforcement personnel *.

We here at Sheepdog Security Solutions, however, know that it goes beyond those categories.  Simply put:  there are potential sheepdogs in most every locality and profession in America.  These are good people who have accepted that the wolf exists to kill and maim without mercy; and they would do anything they could to protect the innocent from that wolf.  The only thing most of them are lacking is the knowledge and training that will help them to be truly effective in a role that they already feel they are in.  This is where SSS comes in.  We can’t provide the instinct, but we can, through training, help focus that instinct, and provide the tools needed to be a truly effective sheepdog.

Are you a sheepdog at heart?  You are if you:

1)      Understand that the world and our society are mostly filled with good and decent people; but also hold many dangers and many dark and evil people (wolves) who seek to hurt others.

2)      Would very much like to be able to deal with the day when that wolf comes to your door and threatens you and others around you.

3)      Know in your heart that you would do anything you could to help your fellow human in a stressful or life-threatening situation.

4)      Want to be an example for others in how to handle stressful and dangerous situations.

If you identify with any of the above questions, you are a potential sheepdog; and we at SSS are here– ready, willing, and able to help you in your journey.  Click here to return to our homepage and get started!

* For a very good essay on the military/law enforcement sheepdog metaphor, read “On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs,” from the book, “On Combat,” by LtCol Dave Grossman.


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