Service Areas


Using decades of experience, Sheepdog Security Solutions creates and provides customized instruction in several areas, including:

Leadership Development for Military, Paramilitary, and Corporations

  • Individual leadership development
  • Decision-making skills- including rapid, effective decisions under stress
  • Building and maintaining cohesive teams
  • “Command and Control” techniques

Active Killer/Workplace Violence for Schools, Government, and Private Sector Organizations

  • Understanding the threat
  • Preventing the threat
  • Surviving the threat
  • Mental conditioning/survival mindset
  • “Sheepdogs for Schools” program (LINK)

Organizational Safety

  • Building successful grassroots safety programs
  • “Inherent Safety”
  • Understanding and dealing with the “Black Swan” event

Tactical Firearms for Individuals or Teams

  • Handgun and rifle fundamentals, techniques, and manipulations
  • Mental conditioning/survival mindset
  • Tactical considerations
  • Home defense
  • Immediate threat weaponless defense



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